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$80K – $150K
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Job Description


DeStore is the platform to run the next generation of retail.

Customers are turned into co-owners of the store via NFTs. NFT owners then source, propose, & vote.

Backed by Orange DAO with a team that includes the ex-VP of retail at Casper.

Featured on Bloomberg, Yahoo News Japan, The Future Laboratory, NIKKEI, and more.

We will launch the world’s first decentralized store with DeStore platform.

The retail space is leased in a premier area of San Francisco.

Neighboring brands include Allbirds, Warby Parker, and Outdoor Voices.


We are building the future of retail.

While it may seem that online shopping has taken over, the reality is that offline and online are not mutually exclusive. We believe in combining them to make an exciting single experience.

We go to a store because we want to see and feel products, and desire a personal connection with the brands we support.

Although we crave something more, current physical retail is still transactional. How we shop in our favorite store has not changed in a very long time.

Offline retail needs a re-design to leverage and maximize the experience.

All consumers will interact with retailers as stakeholders within the next decade. We will experience the next level of connection. We will be a part of what we love.

DeStore will be the infrastructure to empower all retailers to build, grow, and get creative in their retail outlets with the community.


This is a full-time position, that will start on a trial basis with a 1-month contractor agreement.

In the position, you will be expected to:

  • Lead the launch of DeStore’s 1st NFT by the end of Q1.
  • Create a launch strategy and lead it to fruition.
  • Manage executions, and ensure they’re on brand, budget, and deadline.
  • Execute (OR delegate, depending on your strategy) the following tasks:
  • Content creation
  • PR
  • Community building and management
  • Bringing a KOL/influencer on board
  • Onboarding a new collaborator and manage them to successfully execute any of the responsibilities listed above that you wish to delegate
  • … and more.
  • Maintain and increase the momentum of the community after the launch.
  • Support founders to fundraise from crypto investors.


Must Have

  • Successful experience of an NFT/Token launch in a Web3-community based project using NFTs/Tokens as a utility. (Not a PFP project)
  • Subject-matter-expert level knowledge of community building and Web3 marketing.
  • Notable experience in a leadership role, developing and executing marketing strategies. (no need to be in Web3)

Nice to have

  • Notable experience working with major consumer-facing NFT-related projects (e.g. RTFKT)
  • Well-connected in the industry, with the ability to be able to bring KOLs on board if needed in the launch marketing strategy that you would create.
  • Extensive Twitter experience.
  • Prior experience working in the retail/commerce industry.
  • Prior experience in content creation for social media, blog posting, newsletters and so on.
  • Prior experience in leading PR.
  • Prior experience growing/founding an early-stage startup.


We welcome working with pseudonymity. Pseudonymity is the best way to work with the best talent because pseudonymity minimizes the risk of new challenges by not exposing real identities, even while you’re working a full-time job.


  • you could use a pseudonym.
  • you could use an avatar and voice-changer for meetings.
  • you do not need to show us your real identity.

IDENTITY: Your choice of pseudonymous or real

SALARY: Global flat rate


BONUS: If you can arrange an SF-based collaborator for any IRL marketing ideas.

COMMITMENT: Part-time (20 hours/week) or full-time


We use Noxx for contracting and payment, so you can work with absolutely no risk of doxxing your identity to us.


  • Complete this form
  • You DO NOT need to send us your CV, LinkedIn, or GitHub if you apply with pseudonym.

Build the future of retail together.

Datz, Shin, and George.

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