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Expert sessions from founders & leaders building in web3


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Get NFTs on successfully completing the full program & showcase your expertise in web3

Meet your new web3 friends

Learn from the best buidlers, guides & advisors pioneering the new internet era

Sandeep Nailwal

Founder, Polygon

Tushar Behl

Investments, Alpha Wave

Cathy Guo

Portfolio, Antler India

Tarun Gupta

Founder & CEO, Coinshift

Sai Krishna VK

Advisor, Polygon Studios

Nameet Potnis

Founder, Drumworks

Arindam Roy

Founder, Pillow

Annkur Agarwal

ex - SVP, Zebpay

Aditya Khanduri

Head of Marketing, Biconomy

Harsh Rajat

Founder, EPNS

Sid Verma

Founder, OnJuno

Manbir Singh

Community, Metamask

Mayur Relekar

Founder, Arcana

Web3 Unbundled

Get access to live sessions, curated content, interaction with web3 founders and a learning community to BUIDL

Blockchain 101

The why, who, what, where, and how of Blockchains. Why do multiple blockchain exists and future of blockchain.

Web2 to

Demystifying crypto jargon. Breaking down web3 fundamentals and getting started.

DeFi 101

How DeFi differs from TradFi. How can DeFi open financial boundaries to reach the next billion users.

NFT 101

What are NFTs? How do you evaluate digital art? Use-cases of NFTs and how NFTs will be used in the future.

DAO 101

What are DAOs? How DAOs will change the way work gets done in future?

Metaverse 101

What is a Metaverse? How will it change the way we interact online in future?

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Who can apply for this course?

This course has been curated for individuals who want to learn about the basics of web3 and cryptocurrency. This course is open to anyone and everyone who wants to learn about this new and exciting space.

Are there any prerequisites before joining the course?

The only prerequisite needed to join this course is the willingness to learn about the Web3 space. That said, this course is most suitable for beginners..

How can I register?

Fill your name and email on this page so we register your interest, we'll send you an email with the complete details. The enrollment will be only on first come, first serve basis.

How much does this course cost?

The course is absolutely FREE of cost to attend the live sessions.

What will I get after completing the course?

On completing the course, you get a special NFT signifying your dedication to understand the web3 space.

Is this course remote?

Yes! We have designed every activity for remote audience including, events, icebreaking activities and classes.

How long can I access the community and sessions?

You have lifetime free access to the community and the sessions