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Job Description

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ByteTrade Labs is a leading provider of Web3 solutions for the blockchain industry. We are backed by leading institutional investors including SIG Asia Venture Capital Fund, INCE Capital, BAI Capital, Sky9 Capital, and NGC Ventures. With a recent 40 Million USD Series-A fundraising in June 2022, we are well-positioned to continue building and investing in the Web3 ecosystem.

At ByteTrade, we are actively involved in early-stage investing and incubating Web3 projects to build up our BEC Ecosystem. Our goal is to enable builders in the Web3 space by providing a wide range of resources, including fundraising, business planning, GTM strategies, and technology expertise.

In addition to investing in other projects, ByteTrade is also actively building its own ecosystem that will make significant contributions to Web3 and return more data to users. Current ecosystem portfolio companies includes — decentralized NFT automated market maker protocol that provides instant liquidity for NFT's including ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155.  Coda Ventures ( — decentralized options vault, Binance Labs incubation program participant. Obridge — permission less and pool less blockchain bridge based on Atomic Swap HTLC contracts. And ByteTrade OS — Everyone's Personal Edge Node to Web3.0.

As our Social Media Manager, you will be responsible for:

• Developing and implementing a content creation roadmap to effectively communicate our company's message and vision to our community.

• Creating and curating engaging and informative content that aligns with our company's goals and objectives.

• Building and managing relationships with key community members, including influencers and other stakeholders.

• Organizing and hosting community events, such as spaces and AMAs.

• Analyzing and reporting on community engagement and growth metrics.

• Collaborating with other teams, such as Marketing, Product, and Development, to ensure consistent messaging and alignment.

Who you are:

• 2+ years of experience in community management and content creation, preferably within blockchain or crypto industry.

• Active presence in crypto community, preferably as a speaker; active twitter reply guy.

• Demonstrated expertise in comprehending the social arena, employing optimal platform strategies, and possessing a keen insight into users' social media behaviors.

• A deep understanding of the crypto and blockchain industry, as well as the communities that surround it.

• A proven track record of building and engaging communities.

• Experience with social media and community management tools and platforms.

• Strong analytical skills and the ability to measure and report on community engagement and growth.

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