Senior / Lead Web3 Developer

Job Type
$70K – $150K
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Job Description

About our company

Usual company is a stealth startup based on a crypto project beyond existing standards, aiming to break the myth of the stablecoin Trilemma and bring on a new game of capital efficiency. Returning to the fundamentals of web3 democracy with a brand new approach to governance and proceeds distribution. We built it to be safe. We built it to be flexible & transparent. We built it to be powerful. We built it to be the future of money. Giving the power back to THE PEOPLE.

Our team is made up of top-notch people. We are fully remote, and you will have the flexibility to work the hours best suited to your lifestyle as long as you deliver consistent quality work. However, we would like you to be available in the CET timezone as much as possible. Open communication is vital. Everyone has the autonomy to create their best work, which we reward with unlimited growth potential.

Mission description

The Web3 Lead Developer will create and implement Solidity Smart Contracts. You will have a chance to contribute to a groundbreaking project from its inception, and will help us build the next generation of money in the blockchain industry.

We are looking for an experienced Web3 Lead Developer to tackle two main challenges:

  • Short-term: Build an ambitious MVP and ensure quality and scalability. Long-term: maintain and extend our product.
  • Build a technical culture that will allow the scale of the tech team.

Expected outcomes - what must be done

  • Develop the MVP with the help of the other developers.
  • Code
  • Architecture
  • Documentation
  • Methodology
  • Coordinate and manage other developers.
  • Inspire/excite internally around the company’s long-term vision.
  • Follow-ups.
  • Problem anticipation.
  • Help set and maintain the technical culture.
  • Help cross-team collaboration.
  • Regular reporting for the tech team.
  • Alignment with other teams.
  • Build foundations for scaling the team.
  • Documentation, onboarding, resources.
  • Help source/identify new talents.
  • In the future, maintain and extend our product.

Required skills

  • Smart-Contract/Defi (2y+) — Architecture, write and deploy Smart-Contracts in Solidity.
  • Leadership — Implement efficient methodologies: reviews, pair programming, result-driven, test-driven, etc.
  • Best Practices — Ensure the team delivers clean code that can scale. Ensure upgradability and pausability. Configure CI/CD, linters, dev tools, etc.
  • Organization — Collaborate on tech roadmap with CTO, and break down abstract projects into concrete steps.
  • Management — Animate daily stand-ups, communicate with other leads, and report to the founders and other teams.
  • Collaborative / not too introverted.
  • DeFi/DAO passionate.

Other aspects:

  • Place in the organization (N+1 ; N-1)
  • N-1 of co-founders (CTO as the main contact)
  • N+1 of core engineers
  • N+1 of tech freelancers
  • N+0 of other team leaders

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