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18 LPA
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Job Description

We're looking to hire a Full Stack Developer at Tribe DAO for remote work from India. You will have the primary accountability of designing, implementing, deploying, and supporting overall platform development with its associated projects and technology partners. Currently, the team is working on creating a Minimal Viable Product for a Marketplace for DAOs. Tribe DAO is a startup based Bengaluru, India.


  • Implementing the core Tribe DAO features and functionalities.
  • Writing smart contracts on Solidity to bridge Tribe DAO with other protocols.
  • Integrating Tribe DAO with Layer 2 roll ups such as Polygon and Optimism
  • Maintaining deployed technologies (MERN), fixing bugs, and identifying improvements to the protocol for the future
  • Integrating with Web 3 wallets such as MetaMask, wallet connect and other multichain wallets.
  • Integrating with CeX and Dex through APIs.
  • Maintaining the front and back end of the platform
  • Experience building software in the Solidity programming language
  • Familiarity with DeFi protocols & Layer2 a plus
  • Knowledge of Yield and farming projects within DeFi
  • Experience with Ether.js, React.js, Node.js and Mongo db
  • EVM knowledge is a plus
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