SDK (JS/TS ) Developer

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30K - 55K USD
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Job Description

Push Protocol (EPNS) is the first blockchain protocol that enables services to communicate with their users in a decentralized way. Built on top of Ethereum, it is a fully decentralized middleware layer that enables any dapps, smart contracts, or traditional services to communicate with their users in a privacy-centric (wallet address) and decentralized fashion. Among other things, the middleware ensures spam free, user-centric, opt-in, transparent environment for the services and users to communicate.

  1. Building new features as well as maintaining the existing PUSH SDK codebase.
  2. Creating reusable components in the SDK (for both frontends, and backend) to be used internally within the team and externally by open-source developers.
  3. Dive through the PUSH code base to extract SDK functionalities 
  4. Interfacing with multiple Apps, Dapps, Developers as well as users to enable integration of PUSH SDK in other front-end applications.
  5. Creating POCs, starter kits, as well as scaffold apps for prototyping new ideas and improving the developer experience.
  6. Simplifying the developer experience while building on top of the Push protocol by constantly improving the SDK.
  7. Clear and concise documentation of the SDK features and maintaining/updating the technical documentation with every new upgrade.
  8. Writing clean, readable code for the SDK that adheres to the structure.
  9. Adopting the best open source & web3 standards for the SDK.
Our ideal candidate has:
  1. Proficiency with Javascript, Typescript, NPM, and front-end tooling with at least 2 years of experience.
  2. Experience with React and React Hooks as per best coding practices.
  3. Adequate understanding and experience of creating and working on front-end designs.
  4. Proficiency in Git or DVCS utilizing services such as GitHub.
  5. Experience/Familiarity with building React Native Apps.
  6. Problem-solving attitude and collaborative team spirit
  7. Strong written and verbal communication skills

Note: If you do not meet 100% of these qualifications, we still strongly encourage you to apply!

What we offer:
  • A creative, versatile job role with lots of independence and responsibility
  • Full-time, work from home
  • Enthusiastic and motivated colleagues from around the world
  • Fixed monthly salary in crypto-based on experience and suitability
  • Opportunity for team token incentives based on performance
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